Bills and Banking

  • Set up and maintain bill paying system (manual, online or automatic)

  • Identify and resolve billing errors

  • Make deposits/write checks

  • Prepare monthly reconciliation

  • Review fees to insure you're not overpaying for services


  • Create monthly income, expense and savings budget

  • Create analysis of actual compared to projected income/expenses

  • Prepare a personal balance sheet with assets and liabilities


  • Organize documents for income and expenses for Income Tax Returns

  • Confirm extensions have been filed if necessary

  • Track charitable contributions, medical and other expenses

  • Review correspondence and work with accountant when needed


Organizing and Record Keeping

  • Sort and manage mail

  • Organize and create a system for record keeping

  • Create Important Documents file

  • Review statements for potential fraud

  • Research and evaluate charitable organizations to verify legitimacy

Estate and Trust Administration

  • Assist clients with proper naming of beneficiaries on brokerage accounts, bank accounts and other assets

  • Assist Executor with court documents, tax return preparation

  • Yearly review of documents due to death or divorce

  • Hands on support to Executors, Personal Representatives and Trustees who have fiduciary responsibility for settling the estate of a client, friend or family member

  Financial Issues of Divorce 

  • Collect data and prepare Financial Affidavit

  • Develop pre and post divorce budgets

  • Create Financial Inventory

  • Organize legal documents from lawyer

  • Provide client with complete understanding of their financial situation

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Moving Management

  • Organize and sort belongings, furniture and art

  • Arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, buy-out, consignment, on-line, donation or a combination of the above

  • Interview, schedule and oversee movers

  • Manage change of address with all contacts