Personal Affairs Administrator provides the following Estate Administration support services:

Initial Responsibilities

  • Review the decedent’s files/paperwork and organize all information. 

  • Create a plan of action

  • Notify the SSA, USPS, credit card, financial and insurance institutions, credit reporting agencies, utilities and landlord/HOA

  • Cancel home services, ongoing automatic checking account withdrawals, periodicals

 Locate, Appraise and Inventory Assets/Debts

  • Research and prepare Inventory of Assets and Debts

  • Obtain appraisals on art, antiques, furniture, jewelry and other valuables

  • Assist in filing claims for insurance and other asset transfers

  • Contact, process and follow through with Office of Unclaimed Funds

 Create Estate accounts

  • Help obtain tax id number and open Estate brokerage and bank accounts

  • Arrange for the payments of debts and  expenses 

Create/Maintain Records

  • Track Estate expenses

  • Keep records of expiration dates for all matters related to the Estate including Bonds and Letters Testamentary or Administration

  • Provide ongoing status reports of all assets

 Distribution of Personal Property and Home

  • Assist Executor/Administrator with distribution of assets

  • Provide heirs and beneficiaries with updated summary of property not included in the Will

  • Interview and hire professionals for home/property sale

  • Interview and hire shippers, movers and cleaning service

  • Coordinate the sale of real estate

  • Help with automobile transfer of title or sale

 Settle the Estate

  • Organize/summarize receipts, records of activity and evidence of disbursements

  • Provide documents to CPA for Estate tax return

I can help with any or all of these services. 

Benefits to Executor/Administrator and Family:

  • Maintain control as Executor/Administrator while allowing a responsible professional to complete the extensive list of time consuming tasks

  • Ensure adherence to court deadlines

  • Expedite transfer of non-probate assets

  • Settle the estate in a timely manner