Welcome to Personal Affairs Administrator, Inc., a service that provides in home, daily money management services including:

  • Financial Organizing and Record Keeping

  • Banking, budgets and tax organization

  • Estate planning and administration support


I am Ilene Amiel, owner of Personal Affairs Administrator, Inc. (PAA). PAA provides an array of customized services to clients who need help organizing and managing their day-to-day finances and navigating their long-term financial goals.

In my role as a Daily Money Manager, I function as an advocate and liaison between my clients and their trusted and vetted advisors including: Investment advisors, Attorneys, Accountants, Aging Life Care Professionals (Geriatric Care Managers), bankers and Insurance Brokers.

PAA also provides Estate Executors/Administrators with hands on support when they are tasked with settling a relative’s estate. I organize documents, inventory assets, maintain records, track estate expenses, and assist with the distribution of assets.

I am Bonded, Insured and Background Checked

 Typical clients include:

  • Seniors

  • Widows/Widowers not familiar with finances

  • Executors/Administrators of their relative’s estates

  • Busy professionals

  • Individuals going through divorce